Friday, 21 December 2012

Musical Drama > Lux Cruise

ting ting ting~
one more memory in form 4
its musical drama
> Lux Cruise <
last minute preparetion
so in chaos
each member had their own comitment in other activity
but still
we managed to win this competition

this part
everything were organized by form 4
we were forced to stay up untill late night
just to do "cruise" from boxes

this drama is about
a queen that dreamed about her people in her country
once a upon a time,
1 ship was sailing in the Pasific ocean 
this ship was boarded by various types of races
Melayu , Cina dan India
in their way ,
occur some inter-ethnic conflict between the races
in the same time
come hurricane waves and strong winds
then break their ship
after that
they all die

then the queen woke up. .
then she said something about 
moral value of the story
then, we all sang "dunia kian berubah" together with loud

let le me introduce to our character
>  Malay : Dila , Fafau n Azmin
 dila and fafa look beautiful in their songket
and when their dancing a zapin dance
> Chinese : le me , Niezale n Raymond
*us? chinese dance la
> Indian: Lisa , Nurul n Grul
*seriously,they wer empathize with their characters
so natural actually 
> Queen : Caziz
the singer
> witch : Niezale
*she was the only one form student that joining us
she was my dormte
> narrator and author : Liza
> background sountrack : 
Sabu n Napu

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