Tuesday, 26 February 2013

First Novel that I brought Myself :)

ALEYA , a girl who is beautiful and modest family background, 
in silence on a child's feelings of well-known corporate 
figure was her friend at universities in the United Kingdom, Syed Adam Aizril.
 Syed Adam Aizril, his madness makes him more handsome girl. 
Overflow luxury put ego and arrogance in the highest throne.
 His mentality conscious rank and was closing his doors to 
hear her own discretion on when
 to have come there for Aleya vibration.

"Was it wrong Leya looking a little happier? 
Why Leya never be able to feel it?

The occurrence of a thing that unites them.
 But as too ego, pride and status conscious, 
so contemptible Aleya ,Syed Aizril entertained.

"I've been a widow before his time and also
 my children already orphaned before his time.
 Nine months I was pregnant without
 a husband in sight. I turn a deaf ear heard ridicule society."

The power of love, no one can prevent.
 They got back together on Syed Aizril regret.
 When you want to embroider a happy and nurturing the love between two hearts,
 Sharifah emergence Emilin, cousin Syed Aizril making troublemakers.
 Sharifah Emilin filled her heart with ego, 
arrogance and envy Aleya want to fulfill his vengeance on the thought that 
purportedly seized Syed Aizril considered a lover.
 However, at the heart of 
Pastor Aizril, only the reigning Aleya.

"You listen here Zril, revenge I do not run out here.
 I swear, I will make sure life you destroyed ... 
destroyed as you destroy the life I. 
I will not miss you. 
You still will be owned Zril I. I promise, I promise . "

However, there are times when their
 love tested in the middle of the road.
 Because the high ego of a man, 
Syed Aizril oversight has done just lose themselves
 and almost caused him to lose his sacred love.

"Leya do not leave a brother.
 Come back baby, come back. 
Do not continue the journey. 
Grant brothers the opportunity to felicitate Leya.
 Stop the pity trip, look back even if only for a moment."

Was it wrong for choosing Syed Aizril Aleya in his life?

"But he was so engrossed awhile 
with false happiness that was created by her husband. 
Exhausted removed. He eventually became a beggar
 in love with her own husband. 
Finally he was wounded for the second
 time but this time more wounds in to graze his own.'s 
Story of woman named 
Nur Idris daughter Aleya. "

Love ... love has made Aleya, 
introverted girl and medium-individuality,
 a strong, courageous, and bold,
 though in his heart full of love and affection.

"As long as I miniti vagaries of life full of ups and downs,
 I'm never in my life resignedly.
 Assuming that his fate before reaching happy 
I pleased. However, until the time when I was
 not able to last longer, my heart is harder than a pebble."

Love ... love has changed Syed Aizril the
 ego and arrogance to a very appreciative of love and affection.

"Leya,  by the name of ALLAH I promise will keep 
Leya to the last breath. 
Believe me dear. Leya will not be alone any more."

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