Thursday, 21 February 2013

My Favourite Novel

AIN HAWANI, end her solo life in young age . 
Just because a wrong calculation, prejudice arises,
 causing him and Adam Mukhriz enmeshed. 
His appeal fell on deaf ears. 
The man was speechless, as if the truth of what happened.

Finally, the consent granted them terlafaz 
in force and without permission.
 Unfortunately, the husband and wife relationship is only written on paper only. 
Ain frustrated, she go far to find self-esteem. 
Adam left, counting the days of quiet and distant. 
Every time longing continue to overflow. 
However Ain never turned to look at her blossoming love. 
Ah ... Adam resigned! All the blame for not daring explain in words.

After eight years of travel and waiting, 
Ain and Adam reunited at the door Majidilharam. 
For Adam, this coincidence was prayed for a long time. 
Ain continues to hate and consider their bond is broken. 
Only Adam awaited pronouncement. 
But Ain? Since the meeting, the heart Ain vacillate. 
His breath like a wave, 
she was so nervous and his life was just as Adam incoherent.

Really in the heart there is love? But pride willed try deny. 
Want diluah, not unspeakable mouth. Want kept careful not unbearable.
 For Adam, he was still waiting for the weather even eight years ...

#i love to read this novel <3

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