Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sipitang !

Holiday in Sipitang , Sabah

tika, eza, dila, lisa, qillah n me
in Xplanet

after makan kepsi. .pose2 la ngan cammy tika

we are EDCians 0711
edited by me. .kasi putih2 kunun c itam nie :P

from left me, qillah , zaza n dila
now qillah d kuching , lupaa kolej dia kolej apa
zaza form 6. .chaiyok2 
n dila d Matriks. .budak pure science wuuu~

Zaza expensense us with 
satay and roasted chicken

helping with house work on the kitchen
heeee :3

its time for lunch
ate oil rice at zaza's house

an awesome trip in sipitang
next holiday, i hope i can go there more n more~


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