Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lets us reflect

just wanna post for fun
nothing wrong right dear reader?

the true words
totally true

6 advice of Imam Ghazali that 
we should never forget in our live
remember it, for u even for myself too

and smile~
it is the nature beauty for all human
just keep smiling people

keep on doa my friends
believe in our True One

advice for Adam 
its a true fact
so, believe me :DDDD
dont play2 with girl's heart

remember this words for ever
dont just keep worring about our age
instead , worry laa bout our parents sake
love them wihout any doubt
because they everything to us
love them then love urself

awesome words from Ustaz Don
its my dream

last but not least
it special for u dear reader
im really meant it

-just for fun anf for our reminding-

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