Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tragedi Cinderella (2nd novel)

LISA,because of beauty and elegance that is owned by her,
 she is the envy of girls around NiuryLand.
 She's just ordinary people who do not have anything,
but she managed to steal the hearts
of Cinderella Prince Airil in a dance ceremony.

Episode began a romance between two people
who like the heavens and the earth.
Yet despite their love, Lisa is carrying out a mission.
 Mission distorted by greedy man named Adam.
Because of the ever blooming love,
Lisa not feeling hardcore degrades the prince
and she brings herself away from NiuryLand.

Everything into darkness for Prince Airil.
 He sprawl-flotsam live without Lisa in sight.
 The girl disappeared without a trace.
To defend the sacred love,
 he rose and looking Cinderellanya.
Lisa should be found to be faint heart
and live happily in the palace.
Thus began tragedy unexpectedly ...

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